Legacy House
Legacy House specializes in services for pregnant women and early postpartum women who are homeless and/or substance abusing.

The home which is now Legacy House was at one time, a house with 4 apartments, and frequent police contact. It then stood abandoned for 5 years before Ashby House purchased it in 2008. The home was gutted to turn it back into the 3 bedroom house it was originally built to be. There have been thousands of hours of volunteer work put into Legacy House, and each room has been adopted by community groups, churches, or civic organizations. Ashby House also owes a debt of gratitude to its Agency Administrator, Bryan Anderson, whose vision has made it the beautiful home you see today, as he has spent countless hours of his personal time working on this home.

There are so many things to think about after a woman finds out that she is pregnant. Whether she is excited or scared, we're here for support and to help her and her baby. Our mothers will also have tremendous support from the community, as well. Heartland Programs, Pregnancy Service Center,  the Salina-Saline County Health Department and a special group of women called "Mama Mentors" will be available to our mothers throughout and after a mother's stay.