First Harvest!

When the renovation of the Family Transitional Housing units first started, the idea came about that having a garden for the clients would be a great educational tool. Last Spring, the clients planted tomatoes and jalapeno peppers. All Summer the children of the apartments watered and cared for their new vegetable plants. They did a great job keeping them alive especially during the very hot months of July and August. The kids learned how the vegetables they eat are grown and patiently waited for their plants to produce. Mid summer they collected their first batch of tomatoes and they were immediately put to use in salads, and making pico degallo and spaghetti sauce. A little later in the season the peppers ripened and added a little spice to the recipes. "We are so proud of the children taking care of their plants all Summer long. They didn't even need to be reminded and were so excited to see the veggies grow. It has been a great learning experience for them", said Jeff Shaw the Transitional Housing Director. For next year, the children have said they want to grow watermelons and also try pumpkins for Halloween.