Ashby House Emergency Shelter

Ashby House Family Shelter

Ashby House operates the sole emergency shelter for families (including men with children and couples) and individual women in Salina.

The shelter, which is staffed 24 hours a day, accepts people looking for safe housing all day and all night. Interested residents can reside at the shelter as long as it takes for them to get back on their feet as long as they agree to abide by the rules.

For all adults this includes:

No one will be allowed in the shelter under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

New residents must pass a drug test and residents are subject to random drug testing.

Fulfilling daily job contacts until employment is secured,

Participating in ongoing case management

Daily Life Skills classes, and completing daily household chores

Residents will have a maximum of 7-10 changes of clothing.

All clients will follow the budgeting/savings agreement.

Ashby House’s Family Shelter strives to provide homeless families and individuals with temporary shelter in a safe,

drug-free environment. This includes ensuring residents’ basic food, clothing, and hygiene needs are met.

Ashby House offers onsite education courses and individualized case management services.

Residents work one-on-one with a case manager who assists them in reaching personal goals, overcoming employment, financial, and housing barriers, and using community resources.

Life Skills, Parenting Skills, and Opportunity Knocks (geared towards training residents in basic computer skills needed for almost every job) courses are offered weekly.


8:00am: Breakfast over. Ready for the day.

11:30am - 1:00pm: Lunch

4:00 pm: Life Skills class

6:00pm: Supper

7:00pm: Chores

8am - 9pm: Laundry room open

9:00pm: Bedtime (under 13)

9:30pm: Curfew

10:00pm: Bedtime (13 and older)

10:30pm: Bedtime for adults

10:30 pm: Turn in cell phones

The shelter is located at 150 S. 8th Street, Salina KS.

Persons in need may call anytime to inquire about residing in the shelter by contact the shelter 24/7 by calling 785.826.4935.