Ashby House Sober Living

Ashby House Sober Living program is designed to provide a safe and structured living environment for women who are in drug and alcohol treatment through CKF Addiction Treatment. Family apartments are available for women with children. Our goal is holistic recovery focusing on the overall well being of each resident.

To access treatment, please contact CKF at 785.833.5395.

If you have questions about Ashby House Sober Living, contact us at 785.826.4935.

Features of Program:

Residents can have their children with them if family apartments are available.

No program fees are required from the residents during their time at the sober living facility, which is at minimum 9 weeks.

Structured sober living environment

Partnership with CKF Addiction Treatment

If you would like to help support the Sober Living Program, visit our Needs List!

Your Sober Living team look forward to assisting you in your journey towards holistic recovery.

Patrick Parker
Sober Living Director

Robin Beans
Sober Living Coordinator