Bridge House Gender Specific Substance Use/Disorder

Treatment Program

Ashby House’s Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program is a State Licensed Reintegration, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient treatment facility. The program is unique in three very important ways.

First, Ashby House offers gender specific treatment and is classified as a Designated Women’s Program by Addiction and Prevention Services. Typically, a woman is outnumbered 10 to 1 in most treatment settings, which can impact both her ability to open up in group sessions and her capacity to break unhealthy relationship patterns while in treatment. Women who seek treatment at Ashby House will only be among other female clients in need.

Second, Ashby House’s treatment program allows mothers to maintain residential custody of their children while pursuing treatment. The treatment program consists of 12 apartments designed to build sober living and parenting skills. Women with children each reside in their own apartment while individual women share apartments (2-4 residents per apartment depending on size). This approach allows parents or guardians to rebuild healthy relationships with their children and address any parenting or discipline concerns with the help of agency staff.

Third, and most importantly, Ashby House believes 100% in “holistic recovery” – the conviction that substance use disorder is only effective if it also focuses on the other life stressors (i.e., financial, relationships, etc.) that contribute to a woman’s desire to abuse substances.

The funding streams available are federal block grant (AAPS) and Medicaid for female clients and USPO for male and female federal clients. Ashby House utilizes a Trans-theoretical Model of Change and a gender specific and trauma-informed cognitive curriculum. Childcare is available for client's children during group sessions. Each woman is assigned her own Counselor, Case Manager, and Peer Mentor based on the level of care needed.

Assessments are available for any level of care that is needed.

If you are interested in receiving treatment or are a professional referring a client, please contact DeMay Grunden at 785.826.4935.