Educational Programming

Ashby House's educational department addresses to social, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of its residents through programs targeted to meet their needs. Residents learn the skills they need to be successful when they leave Ashby House. Understanding how to budget, managing anxiety through art, becoming healthy through diet and exercise and building a healthy supportive social network are just a few of the classes conducted.

Scholarships, our pathway to work curriculum, GED and computer literacy classes are offered to allow clients to improve their employment opportunities.

Life Skills

Ashby House’s Life Skills curriculum is at the heart of all the services the agency offers. The core curriculum is comprised of 8 core topics, including:

  • Values Clarification
  • Decision Making
  • Goal Setting
  • Communication
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Management
  • Employment Skills
  • Debt Management

Trainings take place from 4-5 p.m. Monday-Friday and are provided by staff or community volunteers. This program is also implemented as part of an outreach effort at both the Saline County Jail and Ellsworth Correctional facility. Life Skills classes are designed to tackle common ongoing problems faced by Salina’s homeless and precariously housed by encouraging participants to look at problems from various lenses and connecting participants to additional invaluable community resources outside of Ashby House.

Childcare is provided during trainings.

Opportunity Knocks

The Opportunity Knocks Program at the Ashby House provides an intimate class setting where clients can increase computer skills, typing speeds, financial skills and so much more. Through this program we assist our clients obtain high school diplomas as well as higher education so they are able to secure jobs that provide them with a higher salary, as well as benefits, ensuring that they are able to support themselves and there families. The Opportunity Knocks room is open daily to assist individuals as needed.

Workshops change offered include:

  • Debt management and personal financial planning
  • Financial scams targeting the homeless
  • Typing proficiency and speed
  • Navigating the web
  • Microsoft Office programs
  • Public Speaking
  • And MORE!

Childcare is provided during trainings.

Pathway to Work

Pathway to work is an opportunity for those who may have been out of the workforce either briefly or for an extended period of time. This program will focus on gaining or learning the skills needed to find employment, explain gaps in employment and find jobs that the individual can truly enjoy and receive a livable wage for. This program lasts two weeks and covers applications, resumes, cover letters, using public transportation, dressing for success and interviews. This allows the client to gain the confidence and skills needed to complete treatment or shelter program.

Clients move at their pace and the program allows new clients to start with any class and complete the whole course in two weeks. When issues arise the case manager and Opportunity knocks room will be available to assist and tutors are available for individuals needing additional assistance. Classes are offered Monday to Friday from 3 to 4.

Workshops change offered include:

  • Addressing daily living skills standing in the way of employment
  • Mastering job applications
  • Developing professional resumes and cover letters
  • Overcoming interview stage fright
  • Job networking

Childcare is provided during trainings.


Ashby House also provides school scholarships to its residents and Salina adults living at or below the poverty line who want to pursue their education. Non-Ashby House residents must have at least a part-time job to be eligible for up to a $500 scholarship while Ashby House residents only need to show a commitment to working the program.

Those interested must contact Cheryl Calhoun at for additional information and an application. Scholarship awards can only be used to pay tuition costs and must be paid directly to an accredited learning institution located in Salina, KS.

All provisionally approved applicants must also first complete an hour of volunteer service at Ashby House for every $25 awarded before Foundation funds can be transferred to the recipient’s selected school. Ashby House residents who successfully complete the Pathway to Work training and/or any additional Opportunity Knocks training series automatically earn $50 in scholarship dollars they can put towards schooling.

Parenting Skills

Ashby House residents with children or who are trying to regain custody of their children can also participate in a weekly parenting class and support group. This training is recognized by local child custody providers such as St. Francis and allows parents and guardians to ask questions, offer one another feedback, and improve upon their parenting skills in a safe setting.

Childcare is provided during trainings.

Tutoring Opportunities

Ashby House is always looking for current or retired teachers interested in offering adult and youth residents free tutoring services related to learning how to read and write, comprehending Ashby House treatment assignments and completing elementary through higher education course work. Volunteer work is based on residents’ desire for additional assistance. Anyone interested in volunteering their time can reach out to Kelly Walker at or (785) 826-4935.