Safe Exchange/Visitation Center

Ashby House Safe Exchange and Safe Visitation Center is available to parents and guardians who desire a safe, neutral space to set-up child visits or child exchanges. At Ashby House’s Safe Exchange and Safe Visitation Center, everyone’s safety is our top priority. Ashby House Safe Exchange and Safe Visitation is a neutral third party that does not represent either parent. Ashby House Safe Exchange facilitates the transfer of the child between parents, grandparents, or other family members for unsupervised off-site visitation. Both Ashby House staff and off duty officers ensure the safety of the building.

Ashby House Safe Visitation facilitates a safe, neutral environment so that children can visit with their nonresidential parent. Staff is present at all times during the visit to ensure a safe and supportive environment.


Parents or guardians who think it would be in the best interest of the children if the adults maintained some distance from one another for the time being can request this services. Individuals can also be referred by the court, attorneys, domestic violence advocates, case managers, law enforcement, mediators, community agencies, or self-referrals. Families in need of visitation and exchange services due to mental illness, domestic violence, child abuse, substance use, threat of abduction, criminal activity, or parent-child acquaintance can utilize the Ashby House Safe Exchange and Safe Visit Center. The intent of services is to help foster positive parent/child relationships.


  • Children are not exposed to conflicts or violence.
  • Both parents are able to maintain a relationship with their child(ren).
  • On-site security is in place to ensure the safety of parents and children participating in services.
  • The neutral atmosphere is child friendly and promotes positive, consistent contact.
  • The community benefits by the decrease in public exchanges, such as those which occur at police stations or fast food restaurants.


Funding for Ashby House Safe Exchange and Safe Visitation Center is provided by federal, state, & local funds, private foundations, and user fees. Our Center follows the guidelines set by the Office of the Governor, the Attorney General of the State of Kansas, the Kansas Network of Visitation Providers, & the National Supervised Visitation Network.

Ashby House Safe Exchange and Safe Visitation Center serves 5 counties: Saline, Dickinson, Ottawa, Ellsworth, and McPherson.


There is a one-time nonrefundable intake fee. Visit costs are determined according to income on a sliding scale

This program is located at 142 S. 7th Street, Salina KS. for more information contact Mary Anne Shehata at 785.826.4935 or by email at